Fashioned for Freedom 2018: Inspire Change

This was a day she never expected. 13-year-old Shane spent the day preparing to testify against her abuser. When she arrived home, she felt discouraged and disappointed. She didn’t think she could do it,  it was almost too much for her to bear.

Shane being encouraged by her MRH sisters

Shane being encouraged by her MRH sisters

In that moment her My Refuge House sisters gathered around her. They spoke words of affirmation, encouraging her to not give up, reminding her that she was not alone. They gave her strength and courage, the kind of courage that could look her abuser in the eye and speak with boldness about the evil that he had committed against her. They inspired her to change her doubt into determination and perseverance. 

Shane’s story is one of the many that have inspired the Fashioned for Freedom Team. In a broader sense, we hope to extend this inspiration into lives of people in our community through this evening of celebrating the strength, resilience, and changes in our girls at MRH. Please join us at FFF...and be ready to be inspired! Tickets go on sale October 1!

Victoria AndrewsComment